Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What we should have had today

We needed a Google Map with the following information:

Polling locations
Ballot drop boxes
Post offices w/ closing times
Mailboxes w/ pickup times
Address search like the caucus location map
Local voter alert phone numbers, and the location of the staging locations

type in an address or click on the map, and it shows you all the above information.

2009, here we come.


Marc said...

As I understand, the telephone/IVR part of Houdini died but the web UI worked fine. So here's another thing we should do better next time: every poll watcher should have an iPhone (or other web capable call phone) so that they can enter tracking data digitally. IVR is so last century. :)

kellystp said...

That would have been awesome! Let's get it ready for next time. Count me in.

Chad Lupkes said...

Marc, please describe the IVR system you're talking about, and why you think it failed? I've already had cancer once, so I don't own a cell phone.